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redwood lamp *PIC*

john lucas
>This will have to do for a photo of this lamp. I have to get it to the local PBS station for thier auction. I make these out of old ballisters that were ripped off the old dorms on our campus. I have to remove the old paint and re-turn the ballisters to true them up. I bore a hole using a lamp auger, then I add my own details so it becomes a Lucas piece. In this case I textured it with the Sorby texturing tool and filled the details with brown shoe polish. Then I seal it with shellac and spray with lacquer.

The base was painted black and sprayed with lacquer. The two brands aren't compatible so they crackle really nicely. I love the effect. I sprayed more layers of lacquer over the whole thing and then steel wooled it and waxed it with Johnsons paste wax.

I include a photo of the building that it comes from with the lamp.

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redwood lamp *PIC*
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