Turning Archive 2006

Southern States Symposium *PIC*

john lucas
>Did anyone get to go to the Southern States Symposium? I had to shoot a banquet, a whole day of shooting glass and jewelry and then 2 performances of a play. I did finally get to play in the shop today and a little bit yesterday morning. I finished a lamp that I'll try to shoot tomorrow. I'm still working on a complicated box and I finished the modifications to my sliding table saw miter jig. I cut a 36 sided segment test ring and it fits perfectly. Now I'm ready to move on to the real project.

Here's a photo of the miter jig. The left side is the miter gauge with a fine adjuster. I have installed brass pins that allow me to measure the distance with a dial caliper so I can exacly reproduce the angle again, I hope. The right side has an adjustable stop block. The angle and the distance are adjustable.

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