Turning Archive 2006

Thanks to everyone!

Carole Valentine
>I like to say thanks to TD and Elaine for hosting such a great event! Epecially to Elaine for putting up with us - what a sweet gal she is! TD, I don't know how you managed to catch her, but you better treat her right 'cause you will never find another one like her!;) And thanks to TD's son, Mitch for all his help as well. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting him, Mitch is a fine young man - not at all like his Daddy! ;)

This was my first opportunity to watch other woodturners turn and it was absolutely incredible. I just wish I could have been two or three people at once so I could have watched everything that went on! Many, many thanks to all the guys and gals who demonstrated and put up with our endless questions.

Not only was this a Turning Event - it was an Epicurean Event as well. TD set us up with fabulous turkey. Dan Gill cooked some of the most mouth-watering ribs, pork loins, roast beef, briskets, coal roasted potatoes and Vidalia onions, Bloody Mary Mix and appetizers (including THE Virginia Sandwich spread featured in The Sandwich Book) that you ever put in your mouth! Thanks Dan and Barb! All of this was complimented by wonderful side dishes and deserts prepared by the local ladies. You guys just don't know what you missed! LOL

There were also many members of the local turning club that helped to make this event such a success by manning the fire station, and providing whatever was needed whenever and wherever it was needed.

The learning opportunities at the Gathering were well worth the 4 days of driving and the expense of making the trip. But let me tell you that to meet so many of the folks in person that I have grown to know and love online at WoodCentral was priceless. Everyone one of you is even more wonderful in person. The camaraderie was incredible.

Hugs to all of you...until we meet again!

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