Turning Archive 2006

What do you tell people?

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>I stopped by the local market today to see if anybody was advertising custom sawmilling. I'm trying to get some blanks cut for a big order (yea!).

After giving her my card, the lady at the counter gave me the number for a local guy and then asked the question that I dread to hear: "What's turning wood?"

After a couple of minutes of explanation, including words like "craftwood" and "bowls and vases" I could tell she wasn't "getting" it. Fortunately, she had a little tea cart with turned spokes on the wheels. I think she finally caught a glimmer of what spindle work might be about, but I'm sure she's still lost on bowls and vases.

Anyway, what do you tell the lay public when they learn you are a woodturner and you get the inevitable question: "What's a woodturner?"

Your experiences would be appreciated.

Wishing I were in GA,

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