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Gifts for Family *PIC*

Don O.
>Haven't posted anything for a while so I wanted to show a few thing I made for a visit to my nephew and his growing family. They moved back North to Connecticut from North Carolina after the new baby was born. Makes visiting a 3 hr drive instead of 12 hrs!
The rattle is cherry and has popcorn kernels inside and was made for little Kay, our great-niece. The top is walnut and cherry, about 4" diameter and spins great. Adam likes it a lot. The bowl is a piece of red oak tha my nephew Allen gave me several years ago when he got his first arborist job. Very dry and hard as nails, but it came out okay, about 8" diameter. Rattle is finished with mineral oil & beeswax, top and bowl are Watco DO natural.
Thanks for looking, Don.

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