Turning Archive 2006

Home safe and intact

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

Well I can't hold a candle to the gathering in GA, but I did have my own adventures, which if I had not scheduled, you can be sure I would have been in GA. I went to WI instead to demo for the Coulee Region Turners. I had a great time and lots of adventures, returning home Tuesday evening. My tools finally returned home today (Friday) after the railway baggage troglodytes finally found them. I was concerned that they would all be there and be intact, but my fears were groundless.

I met a lot of very nice people in WI but I am happy to be home. I have just enough time to rest up before I head off to Cape May for some fishing and some turning. Fortunately for me, I will be fishing before I demonstrate. I would hate to think of what might happen out there on the water if the demo did not go so well...

Then it is on to VA, and then on to RI. I will be coming home to visit from time to time, making sure SWMBO is guarding the burl pile. Speaking of which, I added to that today.

This is a sugar maple burl from a good friend of mine who happens to run a tree trimming service. He got the job of taking this tree down through a logger friend of his, who came around to see if he could lay hands on the burl. Fortunately for me, I already had dibs.


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