Turning Archive 2006

Gathering Report

>OK folks, here is the initial outcome of the Gathering:
I cannot find words to tell you all how much fun we had meeting all of you at the Gathering. We made so many new friends at this event that I do not have words that will allow me to tell you all how I feel about this temendous event. From the beginning we felt that we were surrounded by good people with a common goal of learning to do the things they do better. All who attended were asking "How can I help?" Knowledge and skills were shared freely, all were nice and respectful, smiles were on all faces, what more can I say? You are all such a tremendous group! Sure it was a lot of work, sure it was a risk, sure it was costly to attend and to host but I want you all to know that the donation jar covered all expenses, no one got hurt (badly) and the amount of fun we all had was priceless. In this life there are very few events that we will remember for more than a few months; we will remember this one for the rest of our lives. Thanks to all our demoers: Greg Jensen, Molly Winton, Ruth Niles, Duane Leach and Al Crandal, Harry Hunt, Mark Kauder, Malcolm Ray (Mac), O.B. O'Brien, Phil Johnson, Jorge, and if I forgot anyone it is because I am tired and not intentional. Thanks to JL and Harvey and Jennifer and David Probst for posting the pics, thanks to Dan and Barbara Gill for some fantastic cooking for the evening meals and to Doug Miller (RevDoug) and Richard Fendley and Wes Jones and others for helping with the noon meal, thanks to all the ladies who helped Elaine with the sides and the drinks and just keeping the food flowing. It takes a lot of people to accomplish something like this and there was no shortage of volunteers. We need to keep this thing going! This was a great learning event and we should not let it die. Should we do it "up nawth" next year? It can only get better folks but it is a lot of work and in my opinion it needs to be hosted by a group of people to lesson the load. Ideas? Volunteers? What are your thoughts?

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