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>As I said meeting some of the people that I’ve “known” for years but never met face to face was one of the things I looked forward to the most on this trip. Jorge Castaneda was one of those people. I’ve “known” Jorge since probably 1997 or 98 from the Badger Pond forum but we had never met in person. Jorge drove 12 hours to get to TD's for this event and I am so glad he did. If you’ve never met Jorge he is probably one of the kindest, dearest people you’ll ever come across. Some of you may not know this, but Jorge has planted hundreds, perhaps thousands of sapling trees in his lifetime and we all owe him huge thanks. Jorge, meeting you was a highlight of my trip for sure. I think you may be one of those little angels here on earth that hides their wings so nobody suspects you. I’m so sad I didn’t get a picture of the two of us together :(

Then there is Ruth Niles. What a gem. It was such a treat to finally meet you Ruth. I think we could have gabbed for a long, long time! Ah, it's theraputic! I think we should have a women’s woodturning retreat sometime! Would that be a hoot or what?!! I'm going to work on that one!

Here's Ruth showing her stuff on the treadle lathe. We all had a blast trying to figure that thing out! I think Carole was pulling the strings that helped Ruth get the rythm.

And then there’s Mr. Propst. David I think you and I may have been brother and sister in another life. No matter how many years go by between visits, it seems like we never have much catching up to do. I think one of the biggest laughs I had all week was when David couldn’t seem to get the treadle lathe going in the right direction. It kept going in reverse and then when he did get it going….well lets just say….David thank Gawd for electricity next time you flip your lathe on! Now the women didn’t seem to have the trouble David did. Must be a female coordination thing? Who knows...you gave us a good laugh though. Sorry buddy....I couldn't resist...Heee-hee!

A cute shot of David and Ruth.

Here’s a shot of all of us gals. Carole, Molly, Jen, Ruth, Barbara. Barbara and her husband Dan are one of those couples that you just smile when you see them together. They go together like peas and carrots! Barbara, thank you so much for the hunk of walnut! I can’t wait to see what comes of it. I sense a few hollow forms.

I know I’m forgetting to mention a ton of people that I met this weekend….Allen Neighbors it was wonderful to meet you! Thank you for the mesquite. I look forward to cutting into it. Keith Zimmerman…great to see you again too! Harvey Meyer, OB…it was great meeting you and seeing your pierced work up close…Ed Karch you too! Your pieces are always captivating and thought provoking to say the least. JL, thanks again for shopping for all of us schmucks! I can’t wait to try my new band saw blade. I hope to install it tomorrow. Bob Fawcett, I was glad to meet you and your wife. Glad the cabin worked out for you even though it was a tad on the tiny side :) Charlie the dog. You are a sweet little angel too. It was nice meeting you!
...and finally some shots of the beautiful scenery on my way in to TD’s from the cabin on Wednesday morning.

One of the things I love about hopping in my car and traveling is seeing new places, and when you get to where you're going and there are so many wonderful people there to enjoy some time with you realize that this country of ours really isn't that big. I encourage eveyone to go to one of these gatherings be it on the West coast, the East coast, up north, down south, Midwest...just pack your bags and go. Don't think about the gas prices or what else you think you should be doing. These get togethers are priceless. Thank you again to TD and Elaine for putting together a fantastic Gathering. You made everybody feel right at home and comfortable. Thanks to the local folks who brought covered dishes and baked goodies. They all put a ton of time and effort into this. I can't finish thanking people without also thanking Ellis Walentine as well. Without him and WoodCentral, these events more than likely would not happen. Ellis....THANK YOU! It was a grand time!


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