Turning Archive 2006

Georgia #2

>Moving right alongÖ..here are some pics of Greg (Iím sorry I forget his last name) who demoed a variety of things like coring, and here he is showing us how he makes a cremation urn with a threaded finial. What a fantastic demo. Lots of stuff learned about hollowing with a captured rig and hand chasing threads. Both of which Iíd love to try.

Al Crandal and Duane Leach were like two peas in a pod all week under the covered pole barn, doing their part teaching people what they know. They drove down in the Palace on Wheels you see behind them. I think everybody who tried Alís captured system is now thinking they either need to buy one, or try to make one. It really is a treat to use.

Another person I was so happy to meet after seeing his posts and getting to know him in the chat room is Mac. What a great guy! Mac your work is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed your carving demos, sharpening tips and meeting you!

Of course TD took the stage on a few occasions and we all bent our ears to hear what he has to say about bowl turning, designing a beautiful foot and why we all need to go out and make 3 foot long handles for our gouges :)

More to come.........

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