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Georgia #1

>As many of you know TDís Gathering 2006 was this week and I thought Iíd share with those of you who werenít able to go a few of the pictures I took while I was there. Harvey and JL have done a great job in posting pics all week and I loved seeing those when I got home late last nightÖor was that early this morning? Itís all blending together. All I know is that Iím at work now and itís perfectly clear to meÖ.that days spent with those who love to turn and talk about wood, and being creative, and sharing our little tips and tricks is very rejuvenating and necessary for my own good health and sanity. I am so glad I decided to make the trip. The friends I got to reacquaint with and the people that I got to meet for the first time, the camaraderie, laughs and things I learned were priceless. It would take a lot higher than $3.00 for a gallon of gas to keep me away next time!

So here are a few shots of the group sitting around munching on lunch. Iím not even going to attempt to name names, please feel free to jump and tell everyone who you are. By they way, the food was great. TD sure knows how to throw a party. Applause goes to Dan Gill too. He cooked some amazing beef brisket and pork roast over an open flame that was to die for!

Iíd like to say that the demos were really great at TDís. I attended my first national symposium last summer in Kansas and I feel like I gained more information and knowledge here at TDís than I did at national. Iím not sure if itís because the groups were smaller and more intimate and you felt like you could ask questions more freely or what, but I sure do feel like I got a lot more. I didnít make it to all of the demos but Iíll start with Mollyís. Iíve been dabbling with the pyrography stuff for the last year or so and Molly has been one of my biggest inspirations. Her burning techniques and the quality of her work is second to none. What makes Molly such a great addition to the ever changing world of turning is her desire to share her techniques and tips and ďsecretsĒ with everyone else. It takes a very confident artist to do this, especially one who has just reached her first of what I assume will be many, highpoints in her career, and she certainly did share all this week with her demos. I almost felt like I was eaves dropping on some ďtop-secretĒ information that I wasnít suppose to be hearing J Thanks Molly, I learned a bunch! Canít wait to try the copper nails!

Mark Kauder was another one of the fantastic demonstrators. While I canít ever imagine myself doing segmented work, I probably have more respect for the amount of work that goes into one of Markís pieces than I have for any turner that I know. His work is so stunning to me and so mind boggling that I canít even get my mathematically challenged brain around how he does it. They are amazing to look at and wonderful to hold and just ponder each and every little puzzle piece that makes up the whole. Mark is one of those people who is a natural at getting up and talking to a crowd and passing on his knowledge. I attended his finishing talk and found myself really wanting to try my hand at lacquer finishes. I think most of my work would not be appropriate for a lacquer finish, but for the occasional piece that I want to really wow the finish, I think I now have the basic knowledge to attempt it. Itís much less complicated than I thoughtÖ.and I donít need all that expensive gear that I thought I needed to get the job done. Just some time, patience, and a beach towel! Mark thanks for taking the mystique out of lacquer finishes. I know it was hard for you to decide to come this week, but we were all so glad to see you did. I hope your heart feels a bit lighter and recharged when you leave to go home tomorrow.

In this first shot Mark wasn't really talking about segmented turning. He was saying "did you see the size of that Beef Brisket?...it was huge!"

One of the people who I couldnít wait to meet at TDís was Carole Valentine. I get such a charge at watching Caroleís turning progress. Her skills and the quality of her work have progressed further and faster than any other woodturner I know. As turners who post photos here on WoodCentral and other sites we all know how easy it is to take a photo and have our work look super duper good all the while leaving the signs of a tiny flaw or something not quite right on the backside, inside, or on the bottom. Well Caroleís pieces are flawless on all sides and each one is a gem. As we all gawked into the back of her truck and dug through her tub full of pieces we were all just blown away at how fantastic her work was. I think Iíll just step out of the way and let Carole blow on past because she is on a fast track that Iím not going to even attempt to keep up with! Carole I had so much fun talking and laughing and gabbing with you. I should probably have my head examined for not buying one of your pieces when I had the chance.

Here's a group shot-Molly, Mark, Carole, Ruth, Barbara, David

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