Turning Archive 2006

Question w/gloat...or vise versa *PIC*

Jack Savona
>Question: Is this pattern in ambrosia maple normal?

Gloat: I saw some small, cut ambrosia logs in front of a house being constructed. Not knowing for sure what they were, I asked for a few. Request granted. I returned a month later with an end grain bowl showing off this starburst pattern. The carpenter, also an occasional turner, marveled at the pattern. As planned, I gave him the bowl.

I then commented that there were two eight foot sections of the same wood sitting out front. "Sure would be a shame to burn 'em", I noted.

"Ayuh.", he replied. "Wannem?"

No need to tell you my reply.

Never having actually seen ambrosia maple, my question again: Is this starburst pattern the norm or were these celestial beetles?

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