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art/style/design education - where do I start?

Devon Palmer

I REALLY enjoyed reading the thread below on art, design, etc.. It seems as if there is a shared intrinsic sense of understanding the topic (yeah, overgeneralizing :) I love it when people speak so passionately as the purest truthes come from the heart.

Since I'm a newbie (turning less than 2 years seriously), I'm always looking for any excuse to improve and understand all techniques with my craft. After reading the posts below, I checked out the local art college for classes that would seem appropriate for giving me a "base" understanding of common terminology, concepts, a techniques in art, form, design - everything that isn't toolwork, process, and slamming a chunk of wood in a chuck and holding on for dear life :).

The class list was confusing to say the least.

Can anyone offer some direction or resources? (like suggested reading?) I've been reading Mike Darlows book on design and have REALLY enjoyed it, but, it seems to lack some emotion. It'd almost be nice to have some fresh perspective thats complimentary to, but, having nothing to do "with" woodturning. Maybe sculpture?

- Devon Palmer, Columbus, Ohio

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