Turning Archive 2006

Indexing fixture (almost) and a ? for a machinist

Craig Daymon
>I was thinking of a turning project that will require an indexing attachment, which my 3520A doesn't have. I know there are inexpensive plans to make one, but the latest Enco catalog was sitting next to me and while flipping through I saw product #FR891-6020, a 36 point indexing fixture, which (somehow) will also index down to a single degree.

I figured I could rig it up at spindle center height on the tailstock end by building a platform for the bed ways and have a real nice indexing rig. I could also build a platform for the Jet mini and use it there as well.

Machinist question:
This is a 5C Index Spin Jig. I saw in the big Enco catalog an adapter for an R8 to #2 Morse taper. Does such a thing exist for a 5C? This would really make this work perfect for me.

Additional info for anyone interested in trying the same. The "FR" part of the catalog number is important to get the sale price of $41.95. What I bought is actually more than you need because it was packaged as the fixture and holder (which I thought was for mounting the fixture). The holder was a cut sheet metal rack for 5C collets to be used with the fixture. Unfortunately, I don't recall the sale catalog number for just the fixture, but the fixture alone was only about $32. (I might be able to adapt the collet rack for holding lathe tools.) If you want the collet set as well, the whole package was something like $169 in the sale flyer. (That was the big letter price.)


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