Turning Archive 2006

Should turners study ART?

Keith Tompkins
>A previous post brought up a topic I encounter frequently...should turners study art? There seems to be two schools of thought: Turners don't need all this artsy stuff, with enough practice, our work will improve steadily. The second school of thought (one that I prescribe to) is that by studying art, we can improve our work at an accelerated pace, by applying known design principles.

Are the artist types raising the bar, or are they ruining the craft of turning? Do you enjoy turnings that are highly embellished, or are these artistic pieces making it impossible to appreciate a well turned pure form? Is it still possible for a "pure" turner to break into the "big-time"?

Have you personally studied art or design topics? Would you consider it? I would like to start a dialog, pro or con...

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