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Should Pro's have special treatment at galleries?

Greg Haugen
>Even though I may get hate mail from this posting, I still must post it. I'm live in the Midwest where there is a gallery show that has gone from one city to a bigger one. The gallery consisted of "invited" professionals and juried regional artists. Now before I even get start I know they were "invited" so there was no jury to judge. There is a WELL known turner from PA, one of the biggest names in the world, who was invited to enter. The piece that was sent has been described by alot of turners as an absolute disgrace. I'm not talking a lumpy form, a texture instead of a sanding, simply a piece that would be compared to someone's first attempt at hollowing. Nothing was intential as far as "art." "A down-right shameful piece to enter for anyone," was a quote from a up and coming turner.

The point I'm trying to make before I get tar and feathered in the town square is this- Have we become a craft where the name on the bottom is more important than what is above it. A gallery should be for the art, for the craft. Not for the autographs on the wood.

I'm sure I will be hung at dawn for this but as someone who thinks alot of the craft and those who do it for a living I don't think its right.

Any feedback on this.


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