Turning Archive 2006

Lathe's Turnin' and the Barn Ain't Burnin' !

Brad Vietje
>Nearly 3 months after putting 50% down on a new PM 3520-B, I picked it up about a week ago, and yesterday I finally got a 220V circuit wired up for it in its temporary "shop", a horse stall in my ugly brown barn.

I'm delighted to report that the lathe runs fine, and the fire department did not have to rush over to put out a fire caused by my first foray into 220V wiring. After work I'll finally get to turn something on it ... Yah - HOO !

For other 3520-B owners out there -- what am I supposed to do with the inverter ? It isn't even mentioned in the manual, If I recall correctly. I imagine this is where I would program ramp-up and ramp-down rates, etc... anybody know for sure ?

Safe Spinning,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT

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