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Visited the Woodturning Center in Phila, PA *LINK*

Craig Daymon
>Went down to the Woodturning Center in Philadelphia, PA with the Bucks Turners on Saturday. A great place that any area turner should visit and also think about becoming a member. Very interesting exhibit down there by Siegfried Schreiber called, "Art in Motion".

One bowl was probably close to 3 feet in diameter, and like many of the pieces in this exhibit, beautifully rounded to seem to float on a single point. Two of the pieces incorporated steel ball bearings that could be rotated within the piece for an interactive effect. One had 3 troughs turned into the inside with a bearing in each. By rocking the bowl, you can get the bearings to race around the troughs in opposite directions at different speeds. Another was a large bowl with an in-turned lip. A large bearing in that bowl, set spinning around, would transfer its momentum to the bowl causing it to rock and the bearing to almost stand still. Then the momentum would return to the bearing and the bowl would become (momentarily) still.

Great excursion. If you are unfamiliar with the center, check out the link below.


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Visited the Woodturning Center in Phila, PA *LINK*
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