Turning Archive 2006

turning weekend

john lucas
>Well I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but had a good time. I finished 2 boxes and almost finished the lamp. Got more work done on my sliding table saw miter gauge.

My friend came over to turn a box elder bowl. I got him through it and it looks great. He had a new 1/2" sorby bowl gouge. I was able to sharpen it with the same bevel that it came wiath using the David Ellsworth jig. I think I had some success getting him to ride the bevel or at least understand what it it. Last time he came over he kept dragging the tool across the cut. He still has that problem some but I think he's learning. Now we have to get his grizzly lathe up and working, it has brocken lock handles and no faceplates. Shouldn't take much to fix it.

I did get 25 miles in on the bicycle but mowed the yard first with a push mower and that takes a hour. That was just a little more than I was ready for this early in the season so I didn't get much done last night.

Hope you all had that much fun. I'll post some photos of the boxes later in the week when I have time to shoot them. Maybe I'll have the lamp done by then and get it shot as well.

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