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Karma is not so good

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>Friday evening my son's truck commenced making a clattering noise and then refused to idle. An evening's inspection didn't tell us much more than the possibility of a blown headgasket but little likelihood that the noise was a bearing problem.

We pulled it down yesterday to discover that the headgasket was indeed blown. Waiting on parts now (the problems of driving an Isuzu) and hopefully will be putting it back together on Monday or Tuesday.

Of course, this means that I won't be at the Gathering till later in the week. Difficult to dimension turning blanks and work on cars at the same time. I should get there sometime early on Thursday. Save that couch for me for Thursday night, David!

JL, I'll still be bringing that chunk of cherry. Bill Turpin, I think I can spare a gallon of AnchorSeal if JL doesn't get you one at HH. Carole, I don't think I'll make it to the Flea Market this weekend for the forceps, but I'll check on them first chance I get. By the way, my wife, the nurse, tells me that the ones you want are called tissue forceps.

Terry, sorry I won't be there to help you and OB with your demo. I had intended my contribution to be a stand for dimensioning blanks. I can still show that on Thursday if there is an interest.

To everyone else, I hope you have a great time. Sorry I won't get to meet you until Thursday. Save a little money, though. I'll have some special wood with me when I get there. 8^]

See you down there,
Gary Evans
Talasi Hardwoods

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