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Karma is good

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>You know, sometimes it really pays off being one of the "nice guys".

A buddy of mine at work wanted to build something for his little girl. So I offered to show him around the local Sawmill where he could get rough sawn lumber at a good price. I also offer the servises of my "woodshop" to him so we can joint, rip, and surface all the wood he gets.

I really wasn't looking for any wood. I have enough for my current projects up in the loft of my woodshop. So we locate, pay for, and load up all the wood my friend needs.

Just as we're about to leave, I ask the sawmill owner if he ever came across any more burls. He smiles and says "Yup. There's a BIG one out by the wood pile. I'd better show you where." So we trek out there through the mud and come up to this 2' to 1/2' diameter Ash stump that is mostly burl. I say, "How much?" He says, "10 bucks." I had the money out instantly.

So my buddy and I head back to the shop, with his load of poplar and walnut, and my ash burl in the back of my truck, for a full afternoon of prepping these boards. It was sort of hard work to surface these boards. But it was still time spent in the shop. And every once in a while I'd take a peek at the burl and rub my hands together like mad scientist.

For 10 dollars, this is a real steal. Believe me, this is a beautiful chunk of wood. I can't wait to turn something from a piece. Maybe if I get some energy, I'll take a picture tomorrow.

See ya around,


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