Turning Archive 2006

the One-way is up and running...

>Fred and I uncrated the One-way 1640 which will belong to him after our Gathering if he's good. We have been running the lathe since this morning and I have some comments to make about it. It all started with the first phone call to One-way which was a last minute thing; even though they only had 3 weeks to get a lathe here for the Gathering it arrived in time. The crate was superb! This may sound like a little thing to some of you but I consider a good crate to be essential. The lathe arrived without a scratch; not something I can say for several of the other companies. When we took the lathe out of the crate it was ready to go; it already had a plug on the power cord so all we had to do was plug it in and turn it on. Fred's lathe has the optional outboard bed but without that this lathe is about $700 more than a PM3520; the banjo alone is worth the difference. After using this lathe and comparing it to the PM3520 that our club owns there is no way that I could recommend to anyone to buy the PM over this lathe. What a machine for the bucks this is!
And I was not paid one cent to say this.

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