Turning Archive 2006

Turned Birdhouse *PIC*

Mike Brazeau
>It is spring and time to be making Birdhouses, although now getting late. After making many ordinary birdhouses over the years, decided it was time for something turned. House itself is 9 staves of 3/4" cedar, 2 3/8" x 7.5" long cut at 20 degrees and glued with Exterior PVA. Held with couple of large hose clamps while gluing. Gives an interior diameter of just over 5 inches and happened to be scraps I had on hand. Roof is from a pine log that was soaking wet and is about 10" in diameter and almost the same height. Floor is piece of spruce 2x10. Roof screwed on from inside and the floor is held by two screws, so it can be removed for cleaning. No finish - it should age to a nice gray patina. Resources used were an article by Bob Rosand in the AAW Project Book 87-92 and an article by Andrew Barnum from Woodturning Magazine Useful Turning Projects book. Stave angle picked up off a forum. 20 degree angle and nine staves was easy to work with. Have mounted near our home where we can keep an eye on it and await some feathered friends.

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