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Off topic request - but at least it is wood

David Breth
>Just purchased a piano from an estate sale, and have to deal with some wax/water marks on the top. I think what has happened is a wax finish was used on the wood, and then somebody put a flower vase on top of it, which left a white circle (not a ring, but a full circle) on the wood. The piano finish is brown, so it can tolerate some effort to remove the rings without demonstrably losing color better than maybe a very dark wood.

I used a little rubbing alcohol on it last night. The circles are now smears, and less severe in appearance, but can you suggest how to remove that waxy stuff without brutalizing the finish?

For $100 plus $30 in six packs for the young studs from work who helped me move it, my wife and I are pretty pleased with our purchase. But it sure would be nice to get that white waxy stuff out of there.

Thanks -

David B.

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