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Cherry Ogee bowl *PIC*

Dominic Greco in Richboro, PA
>Hi Everyone,

Here is another bowl I turned over the past several weeks. This bowl was roughed out in December when Gordon Sampson came to visit. It was alcohol soaked and allow to dry. And just like every other bowl I have, it sat around for a couple of months waiting for me to work on it after it was dry!

Since I left more of the area near the pith intact this time, the growth rings presented a nice design element to take advantage of. And I've been thinking about doing a deep ogee bowl for a while. So I think the shape worked well with the grain orientation.

To give the base a bit of pizazz, I added a textured ring to the base bordered by burned rings


Outer dia.: 7 1/2"

Height: 7"

Wall thickness: 1/4"

Base dia.: 2 1/2"

Sanding Method: Wet sanded to 1200 grit

Finish: (2) coats of Watco's Danish Oil

Final: Renaissance Wax

Thanks for viewing.

See ya around,

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