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Silver Maple Fruit bowl *PIC*

Dominic Greco in Richboro, PA
>Hi Everyone,

Here is a Silver Maple Fruit Bowl I turned for my Mom as a Mother's Day gift. The wood for this bowl came from a tree her and my Dad planted at their house. Shortly after he passed away, the tree was deemed a danger to the house and had to be cut down. But I managed to save a couple of choice pieces.

Unless it's spalted, Silver maple normally tends to pretty bland. But this wood was surprisingly figured. As you can see from the overhead shot, it even had a trace of Ambrosia Maple going on.

I believe I posted a question several weeks back asking about a "food safe" way to seal end grain. Since this was originally destined to be a salad bowl (since this wood was found to have worm holes and voids, it became a fruit bowl), I wanted something that would not be picked up by the food. Russ directed towards using a 50/50 mix of varnish and a thinning agent. This time I used turpentine. Overall it worked pretty well. However, I found that the punky end grain had a habit of hiding until after I had finished. Only after I let it sit for a day would I again find evidence of tear out. Luckily, a few minutes work with some sandpaper took care of it.

Since this was a gift for my Mom, I took some time to add some design elements to this bowl. I added a textured area bordered on each side by a beads. Each bead had a burned ring to "set it off". I also echoed this design on the base


Outer dia.: 15 1/4"

Height: 5"

Wall thickness: 3/8"

Base dia.: 4"

Sanding Method: Wet sanded to 1200 grit

Finish: (3) coats of Watco's Danish Oil

Final: Renaissance Wax

Thanks for viewing.

See ya around,

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