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Burned and Colored Platter PICS

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I think I am getting a better grip on the burner. This one turned out well enough to post a pic of and get some critiques. From my view, the image is actually a little small for the plate. I think there is too much open space in the platter. Second, I am having troubles burning a nice long continuous curve (or line). I think if I turned the burner down and used a lighter touch to initially score the line, I could then come back and try to darken it? What do you experienced burners think? I am using a fairly heavy hand at times and I think the tip gets in a "groove" and wants to follow it's own path. The tip is fairly sharp, it definitely cuts the wood a bit.

Anyway, any and all comments welcome. The flowers are hopefully recognizable as daffodils. Wood is (very hard) maple. Bowl is about 9.5 across and 2 high. Finish is tried and true varnish and then a light buffing. Colors are from Prisma color markers.

Thanks for taking a look,


Top shot

Detail shot of the flowers

Profile shot

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