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Lacquer VS Polyurethane

Dave Belser
>I'm working on a project that is meant to be a functional heirloom type of piece - think of a finely crafted game in a wooden box. I've used polyurethane as a finish in the past and was planing on using it this time.

What I like about poly is that it's easy to use, provides a tough durable finish that I can polish to a high gloss. I'm not thrilled about the plastic like feel of it. I've also read that it can yellow over time. I don't have any long term experience with it.

Recently I've been testing/trying clear spray lacquer as a finish and it seems to be easy to use although I need a lot more coats to achieve a similar gloss / depth.

What I'd like to know is what are the trade offs between using the two - both long term and during finishing. My project has parts the need to move freely against each other (like a sliding lid for instance) would one finish be more prone to binding than the other? What about repairing damage to the finish in the future? How do collectors feel about the implied quality of the piece based on the finish?

Any comments or experiences greatly appreciated.

- Dave

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Lacquer VS Polyurethane
Dave, have you considered and oil?
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