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One Hidious Picture *PIC*

Eddie Pacheco, San Jose, Ca.
>This is what hidious is, Jennifer.
Decided to practice some turning today and I had the cherry block that I had used for some small platter stock. I decided to ue as is and create some kind of oddball winged piece. (hey, these spinning wings are scary, by the way) To me everything was going great and I was at a wall thickness of 1/4" on the plus side. I was using the Scorpion with the round disk to do some clean up. It was working great, even though I was laying over my small lathe to perform the cut. I decided to look into the wall opposite the cutting
the cutting side when I forgot to remove the tool and I canted it over and got a nasty catch and things were flying. It was fast and it was brutal. I'm really ticked right now. And to top it off the quick picture I took looks like crap too. (small flourscent light with camera flash, blue paper background)
I think I can recover this with a different oddball shape.
See ya.

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One Hidious Picture *PIC*
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