Turning Archive 2006

Schedule of events at the Gathering:

>Tuesday April 25
9 am Welcome and introduction to the days events TD
9:15 Chainsaw tips and sharpening TD, Gary Evans, OB O'Brian
10:15 Bandsaw safety tips TD
11:00 Deluxe wine bottle stoppers Ruth Niles
11:00 Hollowing on a mini lathe OB. O'Brian
1:00 treadle lathe demo Harry Hunt
1:00 Segmented class Mark Kauder
1:00 making a turkey call Phil Johnson
1:00 Pyrography Molly Winton
3:30 Coring with a McNaughton Greg Jensen
3:30 Carving, including sharpening Malcom Ray (Mac)

Notice there are some simultaneous demos. We will have 6 demo areas going and about 15 lathes.

Wed April 26
9 am Using and burnishing cabinet scrapers Phil Johnson
9 am Spindle turning and finials Ruth Niles
10 Making a cremation urn Greg Jensen
10 Fluting OB O'Brian
1 pm Bowl gouge, advanced cuts TD
1 pm Carving and texturing a vessel Mac
3 pm Making a better bowl TD
4 pm Finishing Mark Kauder
4 pm Hollowing, captured rig and armbrace Phil Johnson and TD

Thursday is a "hands-on" day. There will be collaborative efforts, one on one, group demos by poplar demand, repeat demos, and lots of fun, and who know what else.

Auction: selected items will be auctioned at 7pm Thursday. We will have a certified auctioneer to conduct the auction. There may be a limit on how many items can be put into the auction. Hopefully, the more experienced turners can pay for their trip by auctioning a piece or two. For those who are still climbing the skill ladder and are not ready to enter a judged event, there will be a table where you can sell your items. Caution: you may be black-mailed at a later date by the pieces you sell.

Come have fun! The only cost is a voluntary donation jar to help cover the food costs. Vendor booths are also free.

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