Turning Archive 2006

Advice for Sandpaper Purchase

Jerry Hall
>I have been turning for a couple years, and have about used up the odds and ends of sandpaper from my flat work. I am about to make a big purchase of sheets and bulk H&L stock and am somewhat overwhelmed by the variety of products and choices. I have bought individual sheets and have formed some tentative opinions. I would appreciate comments, recommendations on the following:

8-1/2 by 11 Sheets: I have narrowed it down to Mirka and Norton 3x. I like both but Norton 3X paper seems softer, more flexible, a bit lighter and is real tough. I don't understand the Klingspor choices in sheet paper and their differences so I have ruled them out. Opinions?

Hook and Loop Stock: I have come to prefer cutting my own disks to fit and overlap my shop made Roloc based disk pads based on foam and leather. I dedicate one pad to each grit. I have been using my stock of sticky PSA rolls to make the disks. I plan to convert them to hook and loop, cutting my disks as I need them to the size I need from sheet or roll stock. I am considering the Industrial Abrasives 1M x 1Yd sheets, and the Klingspor Stearate Kling-on 4-1/2" rolls. Each is about 1c per sq inch. I like the rolls from a storing and handling perspective. I know nothing about the softness of the backing and the quality of the abrasive for each. Opinions?

Grits: Russ recommends getting them all: "...start with 60 or 80, and proceed through 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 250, 280, 320, and stop at 400" Is this a consensus? That's a bit more stock to get! I have been doing 60 or 80,100,150,220,320,400 but have to admit that I still fight and often live with the migration of subtle scratches into finished pieces, altho I am getting closer to the standard I want by improving my technicue. Opinions?

I know this is a lot to ask. Any help in any of the areas will be much appreciated.


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