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Large Maple Platter

>Hi All, Here's a platter that I just completed the other day. It's the largest platter that I've turned to date at 16" diameter. The wood is maple and the black coloring is gesso. I textured the center of it with my needle scalar and then came up with this burned design for the rim. The swooshes are filled with texture from a ball pen from my burner and then several of them have a larger divot burned in with a larger ball tip where I seated a brass B-B into it with CA glue.

I also textured and colored the back. It just looked way too barren for my liking.

And a close up of the rim.

This piece is one of 4 entries of mine in an exhibit at the Indianapolis Art Center, that starts next Friday. This exhibit is in collaboration with two other shows going on at the Art Center. One titled Contemporary Indiana Woodworkers and the other Shooting Blind-Photographic images by the sight impaired. The show will run through mid June until the Furniture Society convention is over so I'm thrilled about it lasting through that.

As usual, I'm on the fence a little bit about a few things with this one. I really need to start nailing my burning a little bit better. "Molly! Help"! I'm not sure if it's the wood I'm burning on, or if my skew tips aren't sharp enough...( I do hone them lightly on an 8000 grit water stone?) but I'm finding it sometimes difficult to get a nice smooth line like I would like. I love the way the texture came out. I think it leaves a really neat look to the platter. I intentionally removed some of the gesso on the high spot on the transition between rim and inner section. At first I thought I would cut it with a tiny gouge to get a cleaner look, but after just using sandpaper I decided I like the sort of rustic look it gave. I thought it went better with the textured areas. One thing I learned is that large platters are a $#@!&% to get a nice smooth middle across the flat. This one isn't perfect....

Please feel free to comment. I'm curious to hear what others think of this one. It got a thumbs up from Weston :)

I know the pictures are hideous so no need to comment on that. I was scrambling to get them done and my soft box was too small for this one. So I was doing the hanging sheet, clothes-pin, light holding with hands, feet and all other devices I could find in a rush before scooting this one out the door.

Thanks for pausing to take a peek at my platter. Say that 10 times fast!


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