Turning Archive 2006

Professionals or Very Serious Hobbyists!!

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>I got an email from NASA'a Johnson Space Center. This guy is looking for a woodturner to turn a couple of "Thrusters" (you know, those cone shapes on the bottom of a rocket). I can only assume that they need them for a model (God help us all if they are for a real rocket). Two - they are both 12" in diameter, one is 28" long, and the other is 30" long. They are mostly long tapered cones, with a little combustion chamber in the small end. The specification call for any wood. The big catch is that they need them by 24 April.

If you are serious and interested, email me, and I will forward you the email and the MS Powerpoint slides sent to me.

This guy wants to know leadtime and cost.

Please do not email unless you have the capacity in both lathe, and finding the wood.

Please, no "I just gotta see this" emails.


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