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Exclusivity Gloat I guess

David Breth
>My dad is having "third base" removed from the backyard of the suburban home in which I grew up. He's had it in for this tree for years, and I've never understood why really. It offers shade to the backyard, he's hung birdfeeders in it forever. He won't remove a dead shrub from a string of living shrubs at a vacation property for the sake of privacy, but he's going after a tree that offers complete privacy in the neighborhood. Go figure.

So, I'm sorry to see this Maple go, but I'm getting dibs on chunks of wood which will include a nice crotch piece. I have no idea what variety of maple this is/was. Dad always called it a "junk maple", and I've always thought of it as "third base", but I don't think you'll find those varieties in the book.

David B.

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Exclusivity Gloat I guess
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