Turning Archive 2006

Help on chucking bowl with new G3 *PIC*

Wayne Leach
>Hi All,
This is only about the 6th bowl I have turned (and the largest at about 8"diameter)as I was waiting for a chuck which I thought would make the job more enjoyable.
After turning the basic shape using a faceplate and recessing a dovetailed bottom for the chuck, I chucked the bowl in my new Nova G3 and supported the tailstock end with a live center before hollowing the bowl. While hollowing, the bowl started wobling and upon investigation, the jaws had split the recessed area as shown in the photo.
I did not think I tightened it too much but have a history of overtightening everything according to the wife? Perhaps I removed too much material which weakened the bowl. The material is black ash with no visible cracks?
Any help on how to chuck a bowl to preclude this from happening would be much appreciated!

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