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Woodworking Channel Tip

Stuart Johnson
>This was posted on another woodworking list. I have slow dialup so no Woodworking Channel for me.


Iv been watching the woodworking channel using firefox and a DSL connection, at times it would stutter or the video just stalls and takes a minute to catch up. Last week I was futzing around with it and found that right clicking on the video window pulls up the properties page, here you can adjust the buffer size and another nice feature is full screen mode. So I set the buffer to 60 seconds, What this does is allows the computer to download 60 seconds of the streaming video before it starts playing and also allows my DSL line to catch up if it needs to. So now, I am watching without any stalls or stutters and in full screen mode that looks really nice on my 21" monitor. I thought this was worth mentioning if any of you are suffering from the same problems I had.

(tip posted by Dominic Palazzola)

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