Turning Archive 2006

Chris you inspired me: First PIC post *PIC*

Bob Fawcett
>This is my most recent attempt at a bed post for a 4 poster bed SWMBO wants me to make. The post is made of Sapele. It is 3" square in the middle. I got the shape from ShopSmiths website. I blew up the plan they posted to near full size and used the drawing for pattern.
This post is 36" tall and is the bottom portion of the bed post. There is also a top portion that completes the post. I haven't tried to turn that yet.
This was turned as a "practice" post, but I may actually use it. I did turn 2 other slightly undersized ones prior to this as practice and to test proportions against the mattress. We bought a new mattress last year, and mattresses have grown tallllll recently. This one is 15" instead of about 8" for the previous one. I am talking about just the mattress, the box spring adds another 8". I had to strech the square portion of the post so it looks right against the mattress.
My Jet Mini is at the limit for this post. If I don't center the wood exactly, it wants to vibrate a LOT. Any tips for centering large spindles like this? I guess that its just a matter of precision.

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