Turning Archive 2006

Milwaukee bearing help

Ed Moore
>I messed up the rear bearing in my Milwaukee drill last evening. I have the replacement bearings, the drill is apart, and I have the armature. And since I bought some of those 1/4" Enco bearings I am delighted to learn that my drill has a 1/4" shaft.

First: THANK YOU ED KELLE for posting the picture with daigrams because my switch handle and associated parts fell out.

Second: I seem to remember someone posting directions to follow when replacing the bearings. I have not succeeded in finding those instructions and would appreciate any help available here.

Apparently the first challenge is to remove the rear bearing without destroying the plastic fan. And the second challenge is to put things back so that the drill works.

I am beginning to realize how much I value Wood Central and that I regard it as a first line of defense. Much appreciated.


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