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any experiences with Copper Beech? *LINK*

Ed Kelle
>I'b being given some Copper Beech (actually purple) by the State Parks to do some gifts for their more generous members. From their most popular tree which died and was taken down in Feb. It is still pretty green, and I have to get a few pieces done by mid next week, in order be presented during their Festival on the 22nd &23rd. Most likely I will do some vases. I'd really much rather prefer not to work green, but time is an issue here.
I plan on finishing with Watco for a natural look, though I could try our my new Beal system afterwards.

The story of this tree hit the papers in March and they had a few hundred calls about it that day. Luckily, someone saw my work and contacted me, so I am only 1 of 2 turners getting wood. Plus the the director told me I can go thru their log dump anytime, a big plus for me, expecially since I am only 5 minutes away.

If anyone has experience working with this wood, I'd sure appreciate any advice. Thanks

Here is the link to a story of the history of the tree

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