Turning Archive 2006

First aid for Craftsman lathe?

Edward J
>Yeah, an old 12" Craftsman lathe, the kind with the tubular steel bed. Problem is, the tool rest is wiggly. Examined the problem and found that the steel strip running underneath the lenth of the tubular steel bed is riveted on, and the rivets nearest to the headstock are loose. Of course, thats where the most use is, so it's no wonder why the rivets are loose. Tried peening them a bit, but that didn't work. I could try shimming the steel strip with wood chips, but that's just a bandaid solutionm bed.

I guess a more permanent solution would be to remove the bed and tailstock, drill out the rivets and pop in new ones. But if the old rivets failed, so will the new ones. Mmmm...Tap the rivet holes, epoxy the strip on and replace the rivets with screws and lock-tite?

Seems a bit drastic, any suggestions out there?

From old woodworking magazines, I've read reader's suggestions of filling the tubular bed with cement, for weight and rigidty. Anyone try this?

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