Turning Archive 2006

***Need photos***

Ellis Walentine, Host
>Hi folks,

I'm putting together the call for entries for our upcoming "Decorated Vessels" contest, and I would like to show some examples of amateur work. I have plenty of John Jordan's stuff, and Jacques Vesery's pieces, but I want to show a few things that are more in line with the kinds of decorated vessels that amateur turners would enter in the contest. I'm afraid the professional stuff might scare people off.

So, how about it. Send me pix of your decorated vessels (only hollow forms - no open bowls please) and I will try to get them into our entry page. Decoration may be burning, carving, piercing, painting, inlay, dyes, appliques -- heck, I don't know, this all about creativity. If you have any photos you think I might be able to use, get them to me right away if you can.

Thanks in advance.


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