Turning Archive 2006

Grace, Gift Horses, and Firewood

Thomas Skaggs, Foothills of Mount Level
>I am blessed and yet at times cursed. Being a woodworker (who occassionally turns) I seem to be on the mind of friends, neighbors and family who come into wood "I might be interested in". Usually when a tree in their yard gets cut down etc.

Yesterday my dad called me to tell me he had a burl for me. I drove over. Turned ot to be a knot from an apple tree stump. Of course it had sat in his driveway for weeks. What small amount of usable wood was there was now cracked badly. But seeing as how proud he was for making the effort I threw it into the truck with a thank you.

I seem to collect a lot of firewood that way. Well intended friends and family who have my best intrest at heart. Frankly, it's a good feeling. But more often than not the wood they are so excited for me to have is firewood. But I accept it anyway and act like it's treasure.

On occassion I actually hit the jackpot ad somebody has something worthwhile. So it's still worth checking out when they call. Lord knows that if I ever declined interest it would probably turn out to be the mother of all burls.

Anybody else here find themselves likewise blessed?


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