Turning Archive 2006

dry osage

Tom Sontag - St. Louis
>I am pathetically unskilled at this turning thing but have managed a few spindle projects. I turned a 6+" diameter wheel out of osage that I now want to hollow out some from one face.

(I have a wheel, drilled an axle hole, rechucked on the axle hole and re-turned the outside the make sure the axle hole was centered. Now I want to be able to put a shaft collar on the axle flush with the outside of the wheel; I need to remove some osage near the center hole).

My problem is that the wood has dried and my 1/2" bowl gouge just bounces off the face of the wheel. Is this something I could do if more skilled or am I screwed? I tried an undersized hole saw just to start the counter sink and it bounces off the marble, I mean osage. Any ideas on how I can remove this wood?

I am using something much like the factory grind on my HSS Hamlet. I am coming at the wood just below center and attempting the ride the bevel into a cut.

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