Turning Archive 2006

Now THAT'S Disgusting!! *PIC*

Rick Davenport
>A friend gave me an old piece of apple wood the other day.
It had been sitting under a fir tree "for a few years."
When I cut the bowl blank on the bandsaw, I knew it was going to be too soft and rotten.
It smelled like mushrooms.
I figured it would still be good to practice on.
You know, just going for accurate and smooth cuts with my tools.
And heaven knows I need practice.
After a few passes to rough out the shape, I stopped the lathe to check out my progress.
There were two worms - the fleshy, segmented, slimy kind - sticking part way out of the wood.
I shop vacced those suckers and kept on turning.
I found 3 more when I switched to the inside.
Needless to say, my standards went out the window and my speed picked up.
So I turned this thing out in about 20 minutes.
No sanding, just wham bam here it is.
It's about 5 1/2 inches wide with 3/8 sides.

I think I'll go take a shower now.


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