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Dust collection noise

David Breth
>I picked up a dust collector after a lot of research. It is a cannister type, Grizzly G0548, and basically is the best machine I can find that will fit my basement ceiling. Unfortunately, it is producing more noise upstairs than anybody wants (my shop is directly beneath the family room, and you can hear it, at least faintly, anywhere in the house). My wife is a pretty good scout, but I think this could wear her patience. Here's what I'm doing so far:

1) The collector fits perfectly into an alcove in my shop, which sits directly beneath the fireplace. The walls have insulation on them, except maybe the bottom 18" inches of the wall.
2) I'm going to cram a bunch of insulation in the floor joists immediately above the collector, and then enclose those joists.
3) The alcove is three-sided. I'm planning on creating a door of some kind that will be have insulating material on the inside, and can be easily opened, rolled, or removed when I clean the collector out. This won't create an air-tight closet - the collector will still be able to "breathe", and the hose/pipe whatever will come through a hole in the door.

I'm not sure how much this will knock down the sound, I hope a decent amount. I'm interested in suggestions from anybody who has gone through this, particularly if you can suggest a way to muffle the sound on the motor. Budget-wise solutions are definitely welcome. I looked at getting cone-or-egg-shaped foam block or foam rubber, and the stuff is like gold. The insulating material I've purchased so far is a 4 x 8 sheet of 2" insulating board like you see at Lowes, which was $30. For a piece of high density foam rubber at Jo-ann Fabrics, a 24" x 36" piece that is 5" thick is $45 bucks. I think I'll line the basement with that stuff.....

Lastly, I'm having trouble discerning where the most noise is coming from - is it the motor or is it the resonance of the clear filter bag with all that air being shoved in there. I'd be interested in comments there as well.

Thanks very much for any input!!

David B.

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