Turning Archive 2006

12V Motor Question - OT

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>I was having trouble with the 12V motor that runs my Wood-Mizer sawmill head forward and back. I figured it was the brushes (ruled out mechanical) so I ordered a new set as well as a new motor. When I took the old motor (<10 years old) apart to replace the brushes I discovered that the brushes were the same size as the new ones. It was the plate on which they rubbed that was worn. There was an abundance of oily soot that had a smell like hot electrical wires. I called the Wood-Mizer people because I was under the impression that the brushes are supposed to wear, not that plate. It was the first time that I got nowhere with Wood-Mizer. I couldn't get an explanation that satisfied me. Does anyone have a good explanation?

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