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Pen BLank Cutoffs-Rejects-and Odd Scraps

Ken Oakley-Sunny St. Cloud, Fla.
>I have another USPS Priority Mail Flate Rate Box full of my world famous assorted pieces of wood I cut while cutting blanks to sell on Ebay. This box contains an assortment of Orange, Tangerine, and Camphor woods, mostly 13/16"X13/16" by various lengths. You can see samples at my listings on Ebay, user name-DELTAKONG. I will send it to the first responder who will pay the shipping charge of $8.10. It is not junk, just not what I like to put up for bidding on Ebay. First one to email me gets first crack at it

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Pen BLank Cutoffs-Rejects-and Odd Scraps
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