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One of A Kind *PIC*

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

I recently was presented with an opportunity to make a one of a kind pen for a special lady. This person has some physical limitations, making writing a challenge. I thought that it would be fun to explore her needs in a pen and explore design with some new ideas for me.

This is what I came up with.

This began life as a cigar pen kit, inspired by some of Russ Fairfield’s work I decided to try to make a pen that had little visible hardware. This required some planning and modifications to some of the hardware internally. The body of the writing portion of the pen was turned on a traditional pen mandrel, but the cap was turned on a pin chuck. The twist mechanism is still the basic one with the kit, but I turned the adaptor down that it screws onto, turning the ring down to the diameter of the 10 MM tube.

The insert tube in the top of the pen that captures the transmission is attached to the top of the top tube using the hardware in the kit, minus the clip and capture ring, I did grind he threads off the end as well.

A little measuring, some process mapping and it all worked out, a solid ended cigar pen.

The body of the pen is an Ice Blue bowling ball blank from Pens of Color (blue is her favorite colour), the white accents are simulation Ivory (Craft Supply USA) left over from another pen (found in my cut off box).

The pen needed to have a grip surface of about a half inch in diameter and be about 1 ½” above the writing point of the pen. To accomplish this I turned a “bubble” in the design that will locate that writing position for her.

It was a blast to take a kit past the constraints of the hardware and to explore design in this pen. I am excited to try a few more like this with a variety of materials and shapes….now who says you can’t have fun with a cigar kit!

It is a one of a kind pen, made for a one of a kind lady, which was the best part of this project.

Thanks for viewing,

Take care,

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