Turning Archive 2006

What am I Missing?

Wayne Kuhn
>Things I have expierienced since aquiring this new addiction in January.
I bought a new lathe, a couple of new turning tools, put together a buffing system.
Built a vacuum chucking system, a donut chuck, and a friction chuck, I have successfully used all.
Used my penn state $45.00 chuck to turn with recess and tenon (prefer the tenon.)
I have revised my sharpening technique using the wolverine system, And doing it much more often.
I am tripping over roughed turned bowls waiting for them to dry.
I have turned some bowls to completion and buffed with and without an oil finish.
I have scoured the neighborhood for fresh cut lumber,(always on the lookout.) I have pulled over to side of road to ask tree cutters if I could have a log or two.
I have sent almost complete bowls flying across the shop in multiple pieces, gouged many with catches when try to make that one last final pass, some saved.
I have hit the above chuck with my tools while turning.
I have slammed my index finger between tool and toolrest when a catch set me to the wrong side of the bowl blank.
I have felt the exhilaration of showing my completed piecces to SWMBO with the reply "Can I have this for my desk at work?
I have spent a day that exceeded all of my expectation with Ali Aviasera, finally learned how to properly use my skew chisel without the dreaded fear of the past. BTW, Thanks Ali, Chris K. and Troy B.
I am a member of Baltimore Area Turners And showed my first completed bowl at the last meeting. I also look forward to every meeting.
I read this board and others every day, with occational postings and questions. I truly believe there is great info here from one and all of the really decent people who visit these boards.
I read all I can about turning, and have watched turning videos multiple times.
I have not attempted hollow forms or segmented turning yet, tool budget has to be revised for that. I also want to get more comfortable with turning bowls to completion before I take on a new challenge.
Other than Hollow forms segmented turning and making my own turning tools, What do I have to look forward to?
BTW, I am not bored with turning, I am very much looking forward to my unknown upcoming new expieriences with my turning addiction and continuing to practice with what I have learned so far.
So what am I missing?

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