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>I got a bit carried away today and made up this ad for the next issue of American Woodturner. It is not my usual model of restraint.

This is a special advance notice for you, our visitors. "Decorated Vessels" is going to be a very high-profile contest, with three of the best-known turners in the country doing the judging and none other than Craft Supplies sponsoring the event.

"Decorated" means "not just a natural wood" bowl; in other words, entries must be cut, carved, pierced, burned, etched, painted, dyed, textured, inlaid, or otherwise decorated after they are turned. (Or before, or whenever -- you figure it out. These contests are all about creativity.) And they've got to be "vessels," and I'm still working on the definitions that will apply there.

If we're lucky, the contest will likely be written up in Woodturning Design magazine in their November issue.

I expect to formally announce the contest in a week or so, but the outside promotion will not begin until mid-May.

I hope all of you will consider entering. Tell your friends. Like all our contests, this one will be open to amateurs only. The boilerplate on the contest entry page will explain all the particulars.

Looking forward to another landmark contest here at WoodCentral,
Ellis Walentine, Host

PS Our "Two Board Feet" contest closes any minute now. We had a nice flurry of last minute entries, and there are plenty of high-quality pieces entered. We should have the judges verdict in about a week. Thanks to all of you who entered.

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This one has my interest. *NM*
Gee ... i'll be ready for the last one next week!
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