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Home made tools, Ho Derek! *PIC*

Jorge Castaneda
>Hi there,
Here is a pic of a small set that was made in a few hours with little money.
They were made of O1 drill rod, this is a small set 5/16" the handle is ash with a short lenght of galvanized pipe for the ferrule.
This unit can do quite a bit, a round skew, with a lenghtwise grind that I think works better than when done across, makes for a pointier tip that lets you see what are you doing, makes small beads among other things, the round scraper is very useful and the hook tool for hollowing, this particular one has edge only in one side, for hollowing, I've made others with 2 edges, so it works both in the outside and inside of a piece.

The drill rod comes annealed and is soft, I shaped with hawk saw and files and the heat treatment was done with a MAP gas torch and a propane torch; first heat the first couple inches with the MAP gas until bright red (non magnetic), quench in peanut oil, allow to cool, then clean it with steel wool and fine sand paper (400 grit) to shinning metal again, then with the propane torch heat the same area until the colors show up, this happens taher fast and is best done in a dark area or at night, when the working end gets to straw, quench in water, again let it cool, clean with stell wool and sandpaper, then sharpen in the grinder and hone and is ready to be used in the lathe.

Of course, you must make the handle first, the steel is going to be really hot!
Hope this helps somebody to get started making tools,
WARNING! it's another slippery slope... : )
Have fun

the round skew and scrapper in the picture have not been heat teated yet.

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